Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mr. Kryptonite

So last night the weekend finally arrived and like all other teens I went out on the town. Thought last night was a different kind of Friday night. I went to see my kryptonite. My kryptonite is a 19 year old gorgeous bad boy with that shaggy blond hair, big blue eyes, and tall muscled body. Now let me remind you I have a serious boyfriend who's currently in Florida. Here is some background about Kryptonite. We met at a party when I was 15 in may of my second semester of freshman year. I had a boyfriend who was currently... well not partying with me. I got completely wasted at this party through my favorite drink, jack and coke. I met some gorgeous guy who apparently was the drug dealer of the party. I decided to dance with him, or to grind on him. Apparently we kissed that night, but all I really remember after dancing with him is lying on the bathroom floor half passed out with this gorgeous guy stroking my hair. After that I began leaving from school early to go over to this gorgeous bad boy's house before picking my boyfriend up from his school and going to out patient rehab with my boyfriend. Yes, I went to out-patient rehab. That is where I met my first serious boyfriend. So anyway, I began blowing off weekends with my boyfriend to spend nights with this bad boy. One afternoon before rehab I lost the ring my boyfriend had given me in my mistress's staircase... doing something I should not have been doing in that staircase. After rehab and the boyfriend I still would go to rooftops with Mr Sexy to smoke weed and kiss. He's my kryptonite because when I see him I go all weak kneed.
So, why did I go see Mr. Kryptonite when I have a boyfriend? Well, we had been texting that day catching up about everything since we hadn't seen each other since I was in 10th grade. My plans started at 10 and I had nothing to do before then, so I decided why not? And then yesterday, his friends had all left the room, we were alone in his graffiti filled mancave with a knife on his couch. He got really close and smiled in that way he does. He reached to put his arm on my waist. he leaned in. And I said "No I cant do this, I have a boyfriend." I have finally done it. I have overcome my never-been-faithful title. I am a faithful girlfriend. I love my boyfriend and I know that because I said no to kryptonite. 

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